6 Days congo,rwanda gorilla trek and nyiragongo hike

6 Days congo rwanda gorilla trek and nyiragongo hike  a trans-boundary safari that starts in tour of Rwanda; in East African region and extends into tour of DR Congo; central-west African region. The travelers explore Kigali City, Rwanda and discover the ugly history that inspires current progress and economic transformation. The travel to DR Congo traverses into the Virunga volcanic region and travelers explore its beautiful nature given attractions. The travelers explore Virunga National Park on the hike into Nyiragongo and observe the geography of volcanic eruption. The travelers return to Volcanoes National Park to trek mountain gorillas, explore the rainforest, discover the beauty of Rwanda in the raw natural form and interact with indigenous Rwandans in the Gorilla Guardians’ village.

Safari activities

DR Congo

  • Nyiragongo hike
  • Scenic viewing


  • Mountain gorilla trek
  • Gorilla guardians’ village visit

Day 1; Arrive at Kigali International Airport

Welcome for African adventure safari into Rwanda and DR Congo. Our representative, the travel guide on your safari, meets you up on arrival at Kigali International Airport. You share a cup of coffee and get to learn of each other. You will do a tour of Kigali City, learn about Rwanda history, the present and interact with indigenous Rwandan people. You may sample Rwandan nightlife and retire to bed before midnight.

Day 2; Travel to Virunga National Park

Set out after breakfast, travel northwest and ascend into the Virunga Volcano region. This travel is full of exciting discoveries of the Rwanda countryside with beautiful highland sceneries and the indigenous people lifestyle. You will have lunch in Gisenyi lakeside town and later cross Rubavu border post into DR Congo onto your hotel in Virunga National Park.

Day 3; Hike Nyiragongo

The travel guide will escort you to Nyiragongo hiking assembly point at Kibati after breakfast. The rangers brief hikers about hiking experiences and regulations. Shortly, the hiking expedition begins. The hiking team explores the wilderness, traverses steep valleys and wanders into escarpments and thick vegetation. The team is welcomed to the magnificent sceneries of the lava lake at the summit and the beautiful plains in the background. Without doubts, the hikers appreciate Nyiragongo volcano hiking as an adventure expedition with high degrees of appeal and discovery.

Day 4; Descend Nyiragongo, travel to Gisenyi

The team sets out on descent from Nyiragongo volcano after breakfast, wandering through steep and hanging valleys onto the assembling post to reunite with the travel guide. You then travel back to Rwanda and check into your new hotel on the edges of Volcanoes National park. Relax and let the excitement of tour into Rwanda consume you.

Day 5; Trek Mountain gorillas, visit gorilla guardians’ village

Gorilla trekking expeditions in Rwanda start early morning. Your travel guide will escort you to the starting point and clear all documentation and paperwork. Team of rangers will welcome you on tour into Rwanda and gorilla trekking in particular. The rangers will brief you about Rwanda safaris and Rwanda gorilla trekking experiences and shortly lead you into the jungles. This is the time for every mountain gorilla trekking members to explore, learn and discover the wilderness at their own pace. The gorilla trekking team wanders in the rain forest trailing in the footsteps of and fresh waste droppings gorillas. The gorilla trekking team spends an hour with the gorillas and retreat to the starting point to reunite with the travel guide. In the afternoon, the travel guide will escort you to tour the Gorilla Guardians’ village, an initiative of indigenous community to protect the gorilla habitat, benefit from tourism and share life experiences with visitors on gorilla trekking safaris into Rwanda.

Day 6; Departure

Enjoy your morning sleep. Relax and shake off gorilla trekking fatigue. You will set out to Kigali City shortly and arrive in time for lunch. Later, the travel guide will escort you to Kigali International Airport in time for your departure flight.

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