Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park

Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park: Backpacking for single travelers in Nyungwe national park is a style of low-cost, independent travel that typically involves staying in inexpensive lodgings and carrying all necessary items in a bag. It was once considered a fringe type of travel done strictly for survival, but it is now considered a mainstream form of tourism.

While backpacking tours in Rwanda’s Nyungwe park is commonly associated with young people on gap years, it is also popular with older individuals on a work leave or retiring. Rwanda, despite its rising appeal for luxury tourism, remains an excellent destination for travellers. Rwanda, with its many undulating hills, thriving artistic sector, many volcano climbs, and beautiful lake views, is one of the most intriguing and accessible nations in the East African Region.

Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park
Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park

Despite not being as established or well-travelled as Southeast Asia, Rwanda’s backpacking culture is rising. There is a lot to do in such a little nation. The alternatives are as diverse as they are gorgeous, ranging from early morning wildlife viewing safaris in Akagera National Park in search of lions to chimp trekking trips in Nyungwe Forest and visits to Lake Kivu’s nearby coastlines.

Quiet travelers will find refuge in the well-preserved national parks, while those who prefer to get out and about will discover all of Kigali’s young vibrancy. The combination of late-night dance events in the capital city and eco-adventures in the countryside – complete with fresh Rwandan food and breathtaking sunrises – elevates Rwandan tourism to new heights. Rwanda is still a relatively new backpacking destination, which adds to its attractiveness. It combines deep meditation with wild joy.

There’s a lot of material on Rwanda on the internet, but much of it is about gorilla trekking and the atrocities of 1994. Though climbing a volcano with these magnificent primates is incredible, and learning about Rwanda’s history at the Kigali Genocide Memorial is necessary, the nation has much more to offer.

Learn about this country’s hidden jewels and venture off the main route by exploring a range of guidebooks, blogs, and websites. The beautiful green rainforests of Nyungwe forest and Cyamudongo forest in Nyungwe national park, as well as the twin lakes immediately north of Musanze and Kibuye, the most picturesque town on Lake Kivu, are all well worth a visit.

Rwanda generally moves at a slower pace, which is fantastic. Meals are taking longer to prepare, buses are running late, and unexpected weather may cause your travel to be delayed. That is to be anticipated; simply make room on your calendar for these occasions.

Though some activities, such as a volcanic walk to Mount Bisoke’s summit or a wildlife safari in Akagera National Park, should be organized ahead of time, there is no need to prepare every day of the trip thoroughly. Bus tickets cannot be booked in advance, the weather is always changing, and a new acquaintance at your Kigali guesthouse may persuade you to explore the southern districts of Lake Kivu on the spur of the moment. Take advantage of Rwanda’s tiny size and easy on-the-fly planning.

Are Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park Safe?

Rwanda is usually ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. This is a very secure and safe place, ranked ninth safest by the World Economic Forum and eleventh safest by Gallup in 2017.

Tourists are free to visit Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda, as well as small fishing villages and Kigali’s booming city, and violent crime against foreigners is nearly non-existent. The only thing to be concerned about is road safety. Motorcycle accidents are all too prevalent; therefore passengers should always wear the proper helmet and ensure their driver is following proper road etiquette.

Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park
Backpacking Tours to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park

However, like in any other nation, if you’re out late at night or in a crowded market, keep a watch on your valuables. Despite Rwanda’s near-unrivalled safety record, putting a phone on the table or a handbag on the back of a chair may lead to an unpleasant evening. Despite this, Rwanda continues to outperform the rest of the globe in terms of overall safety.

When is the best time for backpacking tours in Rwanda?

The best time for backpacking tours in Rwanda is from June to September and December to February. For those backpacking tourists visiting Rwanda and wish to trek chimpanzees or do the canopy walk in Nyungwe national park, this is the best time because the trails are dry and can easily be hiked.

Activities to do during your backpacking tours in Rwanda?

Backpacking tours in Rwanda may include activities such as chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk, hiking, bird watching, gorilla trekking, camping, wildlife viewing, primate tracking, boat cruise excursions and community tours to mention but a few.

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