Congo Visa

How to get a Congo Visa

How to get a Congo Visa

How to get a Congo Visa : The process of getting a DRC CONGO tourist visa is not a complicated one.  All you need is a valid reason for your need of the visa as it is in any other country. You will also be required to pay a non-refundable fee $105 and either one of the following documents.

  • Proof of purchase of a gorilla Tracking permit
  • Proof of payment of any accommodation facility more preferably in a National park
  • Proof of payment for any other tourism related event
  • Any other agreement with a registered tour operator.

Unlike in other countries like Rwanda, The visas are issued upon arrival and thus you will be required to travel all the way to the DRC. Often times the tourist visa is for 2 weeks.

Visa applications are available online for those intending to visit the Virunga National Park on With proof of payment for a gorilla permit or purchase of accommodation you will secure a visa with ease.

congo visa
congo visa

Visas can be processed 14 days to your travel date and is valid for up to 14 days for a single entry.  You will receive the visa upon arrival in the DRC. A scanned copy of your passport can be emailed to  once you are done with your application.

You will also be required to show a proof of the yellow fever vaccination certificate as a prerequisite to enter the country but it is not a visa requirement.

The authorities reserve the right to discard your visa application or dismiss it, thus there is no guarantee all that you can do is have the right documents and keep fingers crossed.

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