Facts about the Congo

Facts about the Congo

Facts about the Congo are quite a number and fascinating ones. The Democratic republic of Congo is a relatively large country in the Central part of Africa. The Democratic republic of Congo is often referred to as the Republique democratique du Congo or even Congo-Kinshasa. The Democratic republic of Congo stands out on the African map because of a number of factors like its size.

This article outlines a few of the facts about the Democratic republic of Congo. Are you planning to visit this country and are interested in knowing more about it before your arrival, this is the ideal piece to be reading before opting out for Congo Safaris Tours.


The Democratic republic of Congo takes the position as the second largest country on the African continent following behind the Algeria. The Democratic republic of Congo covers a total area of 2,345,409 square kilometers with a population of about 92,377,393 people while Algeria covers an area of 2,381,741 square kilometers of the Northern Africa with a population of 44,700,000 individuals.

Facts about the Congo
Congo River


The Democratic republic of Congo is located in the Central Africa but is a part of the East African community. The Democratic republic of Congo is bordered by nine countries and these are Angola, Zambia in the south, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda in the south east, Uganda and South Sudan in the north east, Central African Republic in the north and Central African Republic of Congo and the South Atlantic Ocean in the west.


The people currently living in the Democratic republic of Congo are classified into up to 200 ethnic groups. Under these 200 ethnic groups, there are up to 250 languages spoken and close dialects shared among the tribes all over the country. The common spoken languages are French, Swahili and Kinshasa the capital city of DR Congo is the world’s second largest French speaking city.


The Democratic republic of Congo has in the past had a number of conflicts and this has claimed lives of up to 5.4 million people after these wars or conflicts and the Democratic republic of Congo is feared to have had some very deadly conflicts compared to the World War 11.

The safety of tourists visiting the Virunga national park is secured as there is a security convoy that escorts guests throughout their visit at the park thus the success of the tourism in this region. There are a number of Congo tours that you can book for this experience of the Congo.

Africa’s oldest national park;

Africa’s oldest national park is found in the Democratic republic of Congo and this is the Virunga national park. The Virunga national park was established in 1925 and has since been protected and visited.

The Virunga national park is famous for being the home to the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas and this is one of the four only places in the world where you can trek these endangered animal species according to IUCN. The Virunga national park has a wide range of flora and fauna besides the mountain gorillas, it is a home to lions in the Rutshuru sector and forest elephants along with other forest animals that can be spotted on a visit thus Facts about the Congo.

Road network;

The Democratic republic of Congo has a clear road network however the roads of this country especially in the east side, the Kivu province, both Sud Kivu and Nord Kivu are tarred and this is mostly because of the volcanic eruptions from the Mount Nyiragongo and Mount Nyamulagira.

Active volcanic mountains;

The DR Congo is a home to two of Africa’s most active volcanoes and these are the Mount Nyiragongo and the Mount Nyamulagira. The Mount Nyiragongo and the Mount Nyamulagira are believed to be responsible for up to 40 percent of the volcanic activity on the entire continent.

Facts about the Congo
Mount Nyiragongo

Both these Volcanoes are part of the Virunga volcanic mountains in the Albertine region and one can book a hike up the Mount Nyiragongo and spend a night at the summit in the Nyiragongo summit shelters at only 300 USD.

Resource rich;

Did you know that the Democratic republic of Congo is one of the most resource rich countries on the entire earth as the country has a lot of minerals such as gold, tantalum, tin as well as tungsten.

These minerals are used in making jewelry, cell phones and even laptops but this has not effected the economy in a positive way as it is still struggling.

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