Fishing Tours in Rwanda

Fishing Tours in Rwanda: Rwanda is a landlocked country having a total area of 26,338 square kilometers, 1390 of which are covered by water. Fishing is popular in most of Rwanda’s lakes, the largest of which being Kivu Lake, which ranks seventh in Africa in terms of size. Other lakes include Lake Muhazi, Mugesera, Lake Ihema, and the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo.

Fishing is also done in several rivers, such as the Akagera, Nyabarongo, Akanyaru, and Sebeya. Small fishermen and farmers have been practicing artisanal fishing in Rwandan lakes for decades. As the value of fish has risen over the years, so has fishing capacity, leading to overfishing in all waterways.

The total national fish production is anticipated to be 13,000 tons, with capture fisheries contributing 9,000 tons and aquaculture contributing 4,000 tons. Rwanda imports significantly more fish from neighboring Uganda and Tanzania.

Local populations fish in Rwandan lakes using imported fishnets and locally manufactured wood boats. Clabis, barbus, Nile tilapia, Tanganyika sardine, amphilius, Mormyrus, and other fish species may be found in Rwandan lakes.

Spot Fishing in Rwanda.

Although Rwanda’s fishing business is underdeveloped, the tourist sector is far from it. Tourism has been a success story for a tiny country like Rwanda. The government is leveraging the country’s scant resources to position it as a top tourism destination in East and Central Africa. The fishing sector has profited from the tourism industry’s growth. Aside from visiting Kigali, going on a wildlife safari, or doing gorilla trekking, tourists also wants to swim and fish in the country’s waterways.

Where to do Sport Fishing in Rwanda?

Selected areas in Rwandan lakes have been selected for fishing. The following are some of the best spots to go fishing in Rwandan lakes:

Akagera National Park.

The park is named after the Akagera River, which feeds Lake Shakani and Lakes Ihema. The two lakes are undoubtedly Rwanda’s premier spots for sport fishing. Aside from fishing, the lakes are home to other animals such as crocodiles and hippos. Fishing locations are carefully selected and predator-free.

The catch and release policy in Rwanda Lakes applies, although you can have one catch cooked for your supper. A fishing permit is required to fish in the Akagera lakes. You must also have your own fishing gear. The primary technique of fishing is using hooks, and the prevalent species is tilapia. During the fishing trip, one may also go on a game drive in search of the Akagera National Area’s famous big five, bird viewing (the park has over 500 bird species), and take a boat tour.

Fishing Tours in Rwanda
Fishing Tours in Rwanda

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is another popular fishing destination in Rwanda. Lake Kivu, which is shared between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is 89 kilometers long, 48 kilometers broad, and 240 meters deep. Small towns and major cities dot the coastline, which is framed by the region’s famed undulating hills and towering volcanoes. It is Africa’s sixth biggest lake and is devoid of bilharzia, crocodiles, and hippos.

Lake Kivu is a wonderful choice for fishing in Rwandan lakes since it offers both commercial and sport fishing. Sardines, Sambaza, and Ndugu are the most common fish species found here. These are little species that are frequently trapped in nets and hand-removed by local fishermen.

A notable fishermen’s experience are a remarkable voyage. A tourist who participates in this adventure joins fisherman who spend every night out on the pristine ocean looking for Sambaza (a fish similar to a small sardine).

Although the practice is widespread, the technique is distinct to the region. The fishermen’s nocturnal trek across the lake, complete with melodious songs and brightly illuminated lanterns, is enthralling. To participate in this adventure, a tourist must get at the lakeshore about 4:30 p.m. to observe the full procedure, including the preparation of boats, nets, and teaming up to head into the lake, Fishing Tours in Rwanda

Lake Burera and Ruhondo

Lake Burera and Ruhondo, popularly known as the twin lakes, are another fishing destination in Rwandan lakes. They are located on the southern slopes of Mt Muhabura in Rwanda’s Northern Province, at 1862 meters above sea level, with a length of 12 kilometers and a width of 18 kilometers, with a maximum depth of 173 meters. They are two little lakes islands. Fishing at the twin lakes may be done with island fishermen who are familiar with the lakes and can provide you with more precise information.

You will be perplexed when fishing if you observe children, women, and men rowing their boats on the lake. Fishing at Burera and Ruhondo lakes is more fun since it is done using local traditional ways. Even if tourists do not participate in any activity, canoeing and boat excursions may be enjoyed in the lakes. Taking a boat journey is absolutely magnificent when witnessing the fishing activity from a close distance.

Lake Muhazi

Fishing in Rwandan Lakes is also possible in Lake Muhazi enroute to Akagera National Park, which is located in the country’s east. Kigali is about 40 minutes away by car. Fishing in Lake Muhazi is one of the rewarding sports that tourists enjoy while relaxing in a cool and beautiful environment. Fishing in Lake Muhazi necessitates the use of one’s own equipment. Marbled lungfish, Nile Tilapia, and blue spotted tilapia are among the fish found in Lake Muhazi. Finally, you may prepare the caught fish in your resort and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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