Game Drive Safaris in Akagera national park

Game Drive Safaris in Akagera National Park: The Akagera National Park in Rwanda is the country’s sole wildlife park. Rwanda has three major national parks: Volcanoes National Park, where you can see Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, Nyungwe Forest National Park, where you can see chimps and other primates, and Akagera National Park, where you can participate in a variety of activities, including game drives. The Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s oldest of the three national parks. It is home to nearly 8,000 big creatures, including rhinos that have been reintroduced into the park.

The Akagera National Park is located in eastern Rwanda and shares a border with Tanzania. The park’s primary vegetation consists of savannah plains, marshy vegetation, and a low mountain range with woods. This park is home to a variety of animals, including zebras, lions, and eastern black rhinoceros, among others. The Akagera National Park is home to over 500 different bird species, including the endangered shoebill stork.

The national park of Akagera is separated into two sections. Both the northern and southern sectors have a distinctive animal on their circuits during game drives. The northern circuit is notable for having a significant quantity of lesser wildlife, whilst the southern sector has the huge animals and the majority of lodgings.

Game Drive Safaris in Akagera national park
Game Drive Safaris in Akagera national park

The Akagera management firm organises game drives in the national park (AMC). The AMC is a corporation that was formed to administer the national park and its resources as a result of a cooperative agreement between the African Parks and the Rwanda Development Bank, which resulted in the formation of a group of board members from both sides.

This deal has given the park new life, since conservation measures have been highlighted and enforced, and the firm has offered job possibilities for the locals. Since 2010, when the corporation took over the park, the number of wildlife has also increased.

This company’s accomplishments include the return of 7 lions in 2015 after they became extinct nearly 20 years ago, a considerable reduction in poaching, the establishment of stronger infrastructure, the employment of over 220 people by the park, and the reintroduction of black rhinos in 2019.

Rwanda’s Akagera National Park attracts a large number of visitors who come to perform game drives as their major activity. Akagera’s game drives are divided into three sessions: a morning half-day game drive, an afternoon game drive, and a night game drive.

Morning game drives go from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., afternoon drives run from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and night drives run from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The night game drives are only available in the park’s southern section. Night game drives are conducted by AMC cars, which pick you up from your hotel and return you to your hotel at the end of the safari.

Game drives in the national park are priced on a half-day or full-day basis. Full-day game drives are available from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The park admission costs include a self-drive game drive, but if you prefer a guide from Akagera, you may pick one up at the Akagera reception before 9 a.m. and be left off after 5 hours for a half-day game drive. You will be charged the full day amount if you take up the guide after 9 a.m. and return it before midday. Guides picked up after noon will also be charged the half-day cost.

Game watching is best done in the mornings and evenings when the temperatures are low and the animals are on the quest for food. Adults and children, as well as citizens and foreign residents, must pay entry fees. Children under the age of five are free to enter the Akagera National Park and participate in all activities. To qualify for an exemption, your status must be documented; otherwise, regular costs will apply.

Game Drive Safaris in Akagera national park
Game Drive Safaris in Akagera national park

The AMC-operated day game drives are priced as follows: the half-day game drive, which is a 5-hour trip that includes a driver guide, costs 180 USD, and the full-day game drive costs 280 USD with a maximum of seven persons. The night game drive is a two and a half hour game drive that costs $40 USD for adults and $25 USD for youngsters aged 6 to 12.

The self-drive game drive in Akagera is included in the park admission price, but if you want a guide from Akagera, you will have to pay 25 USD per guide for a half-day (5-hour) game drive or 40 USD for a full-day game drive.

There are several more activities available in Akagera National Park, including as boat excursions, bird watching, fishing, a behind-the-scenes tour, walks the line, and cultural experiences, which we can organize for you if you contact us.

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