Gorilla families in Rwanda

Gorilla families in Rwanda : It is indeed an adventure that is among the most fascinating explorations that you will ever attempt in Africa. A touch of melancholy accompanies the realization that this awe-inspiring experience is exclusively available in just three countries: The countries include Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Your meeting point with these mighty creatures happens to be one place only -the famous Volcanoes national park perched in Musanze, previously referred to as Ruhengeri.

The ten habituated mountain gorillas are situated within volcanoes national park that is characterized by the rich forest. However, this amounts to only 80 permits per a day for an astonished number. Despite having different stories, differences such as characters, size, dominance, among others, emerge between the groups. Gentle Silverbacks carry the mantle of leadership for some and this provides a chance for visitors to share in the tranquilly of these families.


Mount Sabyinyo – home to the majestic colossal Susa group, a family considered being the biggest group of Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The current number of its members is 33. This goes down in support of the diversity nature of these gentle-giants in Rwanda.


One is silverbacks and the other is one. It is fascinating that the ancestry of this family lies within a tragic story of transition. It came immediately following the demise of a strong leader of group thirteen, the Silverback. The sad incident eventually saw some female mix-in from group eleven merge with those in group thirteen that remained. As a result, there were four females and two silverbacks that combined formed the new Sabyinyo Gorilla Group. Surprisingly, among these Silverbacks is the largest found in volcanoes national Park and their roaming areas majorly cover sabyinyo volcano’s slopes.


This group’s disposition is appropriately represented by Amahoro which means “peace” in Kinyarwanda. Remarkably, the Amahoro family has been peacefully breaking up, bit by bit. Silverbacks in aggression for the expansion of the family Amahoro where they have lured in some individuals. The Amahoro Gorilla Group currently lives on the slopes of Mount Visoke with about 18 members including two silverbacks. The difficult nature of their terrain for access enriches their exclusivity for a demonstration of this fact.


Gorilla families in Rwanda
Agashya Gorilla

Group 13 or rather the Agashya family experienced a change of leadership. The initial dozen or so were originally known as Nyarimans, a term derived from the name of their leading Silverback, Nyakarima. Nevertheless, he was soon succeeded by another member who rose through an internal power struggle and gave the family a new name that curiously meant “news”. The family currently consists of approximately 26 individuals led by one silverback share a home area with the Sabyinyo family on the Mount Sabyinyo


The Umubano Gorilla Group emerged from one part of the Amahoro family and comprised thirteen members inclusive of two Silverback gorillas. A single silverback called Charles left and established a new unit due to an inner split. Although there was relative peace within the Amahoro family, Charles’s differences with another silver back known as Ubumwe resulted into Umubano. The Amahoro Group is located in the same area with this group illustrates the sophisticated patterns of relations that exist among relatives and family members.


A silverback headed community with 23 individuals called Kwitonda lives at the foot of Mount Muhabura. It was named after a peaceful old silver back who was popularly referred to as Kwitonda. This population moved to Rwanda and settled in the mountains of volcanoes national park, living on the slopes of mount muhabura.


One of the relatively newer groups is the Hirwa family that consists of 16 members which include one Silverback. It consists of members from the Sabyinyo family and group 13. This ranges within the mountain of Mount Gahinga and Sabyinyo. Fortunately, one among the few twins born in 2011 are “Hirwa,” which means lucky one. Therefore, if one wishes to catch up on how twins grow or just wants to watch this phenomenon, a visit to “Hirwa” may be worth considering.


The story of the family located amidst Mountain Karisimbi is quite interesting. Consisting of sixteens members including a single silver back, this group is formed by a break away faction from Susa named Susa B. Notably, it inhabits above the slopes of mount Karisimbi which located hard in an altitude of approximately 45 meters The fact that Silverback wanted to avoid conflict made them take them into a far place which is an ideal destination for every trekker.


The Ugenda Gorilla Group comprising of 11 members with two silver backs and “ugenda” in Lingala means mobile, this group is very dynamic since they always keep moving seldom stop at same place. They mainly dwell in the easier-to-scale Mount Bisoke, thus making it available for persons with different physique levels.


The Bwenge family consisting of total eleven members including one dominant Silverback is embodied by “Wisdom”. It covers an easy course and the trail is preferred by people looking forward to walking at leisure. The group was established in 2007 by Bwenge (after whom the group is named). While this is so, this family went through a black decade whereby it lost six of its babies.


The deep story of the Titus family revolving round Titus – the Silverback. Titus’s family was murdered by poachers during Dian Fossey’s research at the Karisoke Research Center and he is the only survivor among his family members. This creates a compelling story about how he started out as one of the poorest silver backs in Volcanoes national park. It is the inhabitants of the slopes of Karisimbi and Visoke volcanoes that constitute this group.

Due to effective conservation, the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda continue expanding in their scope. These habituated gorilla groups are a miniature representation of the whole population of the park. Visitors lucky to get a permit to Volcanoes National Park enjoy the intricate web of familial dynamics, history, and geography that makes the environment unique and full with life.

The journey takes you into the mysterious landscapes of Rwandan Gorilla families where complexity, difficulties and success are woven together in a tapestry of life’. Nature’s complex stories interlace captivating tales about survival, leadership changes, and long-lasting relationships amidst the wild Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

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