Know these things before hiking Nyiragongo

Know these things before hiking Nyiragongo

Know these things before hiking Nyiragongo

Know these things before hiking Nyiragongo: The Nyiragongo Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is also known as a gorilla highland. It last erupted as recent as 2002 and is still erupting although the activity is now limited to the lava lake. It has erupted over 34 times since 1888. Well before you think of visiting or hiking this mountain, here are a few things you need to know about this volcano.

The encounter is exceptional

Think about the largest lave Lake and imagine any lake you know just filled with red molten rock. It seems like its never real but it is so out of this world. You will have these memories forever.

Build your trust on the ground

Like any other destination, the DRC is not any different. It is important to be mindful of you security but also trusting the people around you will make your safari even a very memorable one. DRC has been safe since 2012 although most people still think it is still unsafe.

Fitness is not a must

The Hike to the summit of this volcano takes about 6 hours and you will spend a night there and descend the next morning. Going through the rocks is hard but also the distance and altitude is hectic. The hike will be slow depending on your energy levels and you will not be rushed.

Meals are optional

You can pay for a package that covers everything but you will still need a few things that may be under looked by other people. You may need small bills of up to USD100 to carter for things like tips and porters.

The summit is one of the coolest areas you will ever stay in

When you think about the Lava Lake on the top you may imagine this place is too hot but it is the opposite. The summit is too cold and some areas are even covered by snow. Carry come warm clothes and gloves.

Yellow fever certificates are mandatory

If you arrive to the Congolese border without the yellow booklet, they will charge you $70 to make you one. With vaccination or without it.

Take good care of your property

Be mindful of your property and who you leave it with. Even in other destination it should be like so. Since you sleep in huts that are not really well closed, keep watch of your bags.

Choose a Reliable Tour Operator

Much as we organize hikes to Mount Nyiragongo, in case you do not want to book with us, you can check out these reputable Nyiragongo tour companies. If you would like to book with us, please contact us directly here.

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