Mount Visoke

Mount Visoke

Mount Visoke: This mountain can be called Bisoke or Visoke and is also part of the Virunga chain of Mountains. This mountain is 3700m tall and is located in  the border of Volcanoes national Park and Virunga national park.

It Cone like shape shows a typical volcano and has a crater on top like any other dead or dormant volcano. For people interested in climbing it, this volcano does not demand a lot from you but still hiking is never that simple.

The elevation of this mountain is steep since it’s a cone like structure and this is a bit demanding.

Just like all the other volcanoes apart from Karisimbi which is also the highest, hiking this mountain to the top takes about 5 hours and depending on your energy levels and speed, it can even take up to the whole day.

Descending usually takes about 3 hours. While you are climbing, you will definitely come across a series of vegetation like bamboo and lobelia bush as you approach the summit.

A permit to hike this mountain will cost you USD75 per person and can be ordered on arrival to the park and you do not have to book prior to this.

This permit will give you a ranger guide and the rest of the things like the porters you will work it out with your operator.

The hike to the summit of mountain Visoke starts as early at 7am from the Volcanoes National Park headquarters in Kinigi. Your driver guide will drive you from the lodge to this place for briefing before you begin your hike.

Just in case you have a lot of luggage, you may hire porters and each porter is only allowed to carry 15kgs. The porter will be less than USD20.

You may read on the before you hike advisories for more information about hiking the Virunga mountains.

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