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Safety in Nyiragongo: Is Mount Nyiragongo Safe?

Safety in Nyiragongo: Is Mount Nyiragongo Safe?

Safety in Nyiragongo: Is Mount Nyiragongo Safe?: It is undisputed that the DRC is not a stable country. Right from the colonial times, this country has been trouble and yet it is naturally a gifted country.

There were some prosperous years in the 50’s but the country fell apart after independence and has been a place for violence since then.

These are some of the reasons why the DRC has failed to break out as a safe country even at the time when we would consider it so. Everyone see it as a dark country and this has made it even hard for them to protect their natural wealth including the tourism wealth.

Yes it is true that some parts of the DRC are not safe but most of the safe tourist attractions in the country more so in the areas of Goma which is on the border of Rwanda plus the capital city which all are safe areas.

With such, it is important to travel with a local tour operator because they know best how to keep you safe.  In this area you will have armed escorts and so you have nothing to worry, its just a precaution.

The Nyiragongo is one of the most attractive thinks to see in the Virunga behind the gorillas. The hike to Nyiragongo is about 6 hours to the summit of a mountain with about 3470m of height.

There is mist at the top and part of the area is snow-capped. You will camp at the summit small huts that are around the lava lake which is the biggest in the world. Your ears will be fed to the boiling waves of the lva while the scenery the eyes will get is beyond description.

The evening is spent gaping in awe into the molten, fiery heart of the earth, and watching as the crusted top of the lava lake rhythmically separates, revealing bolts of luminous orange liquid below.

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