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Why Are Gorillas Poached

Why Are Gorillas Poached : Why gorillas are poached, Mountain gorillas are the apes and the giants in the different safari destinations. Gorillas are found mostly in the East African countries that includes Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. And these resemble with the human beings by sharing 99% DNA with a human being. The endangered mountain gorillas that were almost extinct in the 19th century can be trekked on a Uganda safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mghinga Gorilla National Park. Then Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo. This article brings you or tells you the reasons to why the mountain gorillas are being poached.

Why the gorillas are poached.

Medicinal purposes.

On the high extent the mountain gorillas are being poached because of the medicinal purposes. That is the locals have the belief that some of the  mountain gorillas body parts are the traditional healers as they can be used for the magic and charm, and this believe has led to the high increase of poaching of the great apes from their habitats.

Bush meat.

Most of the poachers do encroach the mountain gorillas for bush meat specifically, that is some rich folks enjoy gorilla meat and think it’s prestigious when one consumes it. As this can be costed highly which has led the people that hunt and poach to increase as to earn a living after selling of the mountain gorilla’s meat.

Pet trade.

Various numbers of the mountain gorillas have been poached specifically to be taken to abroad for the rich people that do own their illegal private animals’ sanctuaries, as well the mountain gorillas can be used in other people’s homes as the pets, and that is poachers do get a lot of money after selling off the gorillas that helps them to be rich, hence continuous pet trade and led to the decrease number of gorillas in their numbers.

Lack of awareness.

At times also at a certain extent the mountain gorillas are poached because of lack of awareness that do not reach the people especially the poachers who carry out poaching about the importance of the gorillas in our daily environment. Also the poachers do not follow the set rules and regulations of the gorillas that has increased the reckless poaching of the mountain gorillas from their habitats.

Accidents in the mountain gorillas.

At times as well the mountain gorillas do fall under the traps being set by other animal species like the antelopes which led to the large injuries that at times result into their deaths.

On the other extent there are reasons where the mountain gorillas do extinct from poaching, that is take an example Democratic Republic of Congo got the diseases due to the fact that the mountain gorillas are such vulnerable to the human diseases like cough and among others can easily led the transmitting of the diseases from the human beings to the mountain gorillas that can easily led to the reduction of their numbers after their death.

Why Are Gorillas Poached
Why Are Gorillas Poached

Also at times people encroach the habitats of the mountain gorillas through carrying out various activities like road construction, agricultural purposes, settlement that affects the lives of the mountain gorillas that can result into their reduction in numbers.

The above are the reasons to why the mountain gorillas are being poached from their habitats that is not useful in the environment. On a gorilla safari Uganda safari destination is where tourists do gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience that tourists, spend 4 hours with the presence of the gorillas together with the researchers, rangers and among others whereas in gorilla trekking the tourists spend 1hour where the tourists get to identify the various characteristics of gorillas in their habitats.

For a tourist to do gorilla trekking safari in Uganda it is 700 USD, then Congo is 400 USD, Rwanda 1500 USD. Carry out a gorilla trekking safari with Lakeside tours and travel limited and get to know the entire information about gorilla trekking, then you will get to know the reasons to why the gorillas are being poached from their habitats and this will give you the most safari experiences and get the unforgettable safari moments with the clear evidences.

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