Bukima Tented Camp

Bukima Tented Camp

Gorillas are the trade mark for this camp. This is because it is just a few meters to the boundary of the Virunga national park which is among the four parks that house these endangered mountain gorillas.  This place was originally meant for research but today it’s among the starting points for gorilla tracking in The Democratic republic of Congo.

Depicting its name, this facility is made of tents and they are too classy to be just a camping site. They are just luxurious accommodation tents. They have good beds that match a suite facility. The views from this area are just outstanding and refreshing. You will be seeing mountain |Mikeno which is the nearest to the area and it’s also part of the division for the gorilla area. You will also have a glance of mountain Nyiragongo which is across in the valley. The lava lake on the Nyiragongo will give you the best light in the sky.

Sometimes, gorillas being wildlife, they get off the track and wander in the camp and this will be the best gorilla experience you will ever have. You have nothing to worry about you security has these gorillas are monitored all the time and there will be a ranger always following them. You need to be careful as well as nay thing can happen since these are wild animals.

An interesting feature near the camp is a lava tunnel which has created a good sized cave, a must for anyone with an urge to do a spot of spelunking in the Congo.

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