Kibati Patrol Post

Kibati Patrol Post

Nyiragongo is one of the eight volcanoes in the Virunga. It is an active volcano and hiking it excites everyone. It is unique volcano due its molten magma. It has probably the most fluid magma in the world. It is home to the largest lava lake in the world. It has erupted about 34 times in the last 100 year. It is really a special mountain and a great place for your African Safari.

Kibati patrol post is where all these excursions to the Nyiragongo volcanoes start from. There for it is important to know all about this point as it is key to your Nyiragongo hiking safari. Kibati patrol post is about 30 minutes from Goma town and about 45 Minutes from Mikeno Lodge.

All permits for hiking Nyiragongo are purchased here and you must have done all the necessary booking by 9 am on the day of tracking as tracking begins at 10 am. You can hire porters and any other materials u need like a tent from this post.

Hiking permits to Nyiragongo are not booked prior to the day of hiking but on that same day at the Kibati patrol post. This place is also a command center for rangers and all activities that go on the Nyiragongo Volcano. When you reach the summit, you will descent the next morning and still converge at the same place that means if you have some things that you do not want to hike with, you can leave them here and find them the following day since you will have checked out of the hotel more so those outside the park.

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