Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura: Uganda is one of the best countries in Africa when it comes to Natural endowment. That’s why it was named the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Church hill. Muhabura is one of the great attractions of Uganda. It derives its name from a local language, Kinyarwanda. It is a dead volcano and it is between the border of Uganda and Rwanda.

It is about 4,127 meters tall and the 3 tallest mountains in Uganda behind Ruwenzori and Elgon. Muhabura is part of the Mgahinga national park that was gazette in 1993 and most people hike this mountain after their gorilla tracking exercise.

You can get to Muhabura by road through Kisoro town in south western Uganda. It is about an hour from Kabale town.

While at the summit of this volcano you can see five of the eight Virunga volcanoes. There are also the “twin lakes”. There is a crater lake near the summit and the vegetation is usually drier than in other areas of the Volcanoes National Park, with giant heather thriving on the volcano’s slopes.

Hiking this mountain will require you to buy a permit of $75 and then you will organize with you operator for the rest of the hike. This money will just give you a ranger guide but you will need a porter or porters to help you carry your luggage. The climb can be physically demanding and the slopes are very steep.

The mountain derives it name from Kinyarwanda one of the local languages here and it means “sentinel”. You hike to the top will take a full day and it begins at 7am. You will assemble at the park headquarters in Kinigi from where you will head for the mountain. Mount Muhabura may not be as glamorous as other better-known tourist stops, but it certainly offers outdoor enthusiasts a fun, day long activity that’s near Kisoro and, best of all, it’s pretty damn cheap.

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