Mount Nyiragongo Hike

Mount Nyiragongo Hike

Mount Nyiragongo Hike is one of the most fascinating Congo Safari tours whereby you take on the challenge to hike on top of the active volcano where you can see the lava boiling. Mount Nyiragongo has the world’s largest lava Lake that can be seen when they hike the mountain and it should also be noted that the mountain is one of Africa’s most active, mountains that a tourist can hike for memorable experiences during their Congo Safaris. There is a lot that will be seen by tourists when they participate in hiking mountain Nyiragongo because of the rewarding experiences like the numerous bird species, exceptional views of the virunga mountains in Rwanda among other attractions and for any tourist interested in having an amazing time in Virunga national park, they should the following guide about mount Nyiragongo in virunga national park.


For rewarding Congo safaris you should participate in hiking in mount Nyiragongo in order to get to the lava lake for a memorable activity in Virunga National parkHiking mount Nyiragongo can take you a maximum of three days however when you are from the Goma side of Congo you can hike mountain Nyiragongo in two days. This is because the distance from Goma to virunga national park is shorter. There a number of factors that can cause hiking mountain Nyiragongo in more days this may include the fact that the mountain is quite rocky with a number of rocks that can make mobility along the slopes difficult, lazy trekker can also make the duration of the hike longer among other factors.


 Before hiking mount Nyiragongo, there are some safety precautions that are carried out to ensure that tourist have an amazing and safe time in the park.  Before you access virunga national park, you will go through the security check point at the entrance for the security personnel to check you for any security threats like guns, bombs and many more and when you are cleared to go, you will then go to the reception area where they will brief you through the activity of hiking mount Nyiragongo where they will also take you through the do’s and don’ts as you hike the mountain and get to the lava lake for a safe activity. 

Hiking mount Nyiragongo will be a safe activity because you are accompanied by a guide and a ranger who will ensure that you are not attacked by any animals during your activity and the guide will take you through the safe routes along mountain Nyiragongo in order to reach the summit of mount Nyiragongo. It is  advisable for a tourist to follow the rules and regulations that are set up by the guide in order to have a safe activity and some of them that can be followed for memorable hikes include the following;

  • Follow the lead of the guide in order to have a safe activity in the park, hiking mount Nyiragongo with the help of the guide will take you through the safest hiking trails that will ensure you reach the summit in time.
  • While watching the lava lake on the summit of mount Nyiragongo, you should watch it from the viewing point to avoid accidents during hiking mount Nyiragongo.
  • You should avoid being behind the ranger because the role of the ranger is to protect you from any animal attacks within the park.
  • You should keep up with the pace of other hikers to avoid making the activity longer for other hikers.


  • Hiking shoes should be considered for a comfortable mountain hike where the mountain is quite rocky which makes hiking quite difficult when you don’t have the necessary hiking boots.
  • You should Carry extra money with you which will help you on minor expenses like hiring a porter to lessen you luggage like your sleeping bag etc, which will make hiking mount Nyiragongo quite easy and memorable in the park.
  • Insect repellent to avoid being bitten by a number of diseases spreading insects in the park like mosquitoes, tsetse flies, black flies among others.
  • Warm closers like sweaters to ensure that you have comfortable overnight stays this is because the higher the mountain, the cooler it becomes.
Mount Nyiragongo Hike
Mount Nyiragongo Hike


Medical requirements, tourists interested in hiking mount Nyiragongo should have the necessary medical requirements, for instance, they should be in good shape and free from any health conditions or diseases like high or low blood pressure, heart problems which can be triggered when they hike the mountain among other diseases this is because the mountain sits on a high elevation and the fact that it is steep, it tends to be strenuous which can be a threat to their health.

Proper documentation for you to easily access the park with being recognized as a threat to the safety of other tourists in the park and the right hiking gear is important during your mountain Nyiragongo hike because it will ensure you have a comfortable hike to the summit of the mountain making your Congo safaris quite memorable.

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