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Porters in Mount Nyiragongo

Porters in Mount Nyiragongo

Porters in Mount Nyiragongo: Like any other safari, you do not want to get tired before you reach your destination. You want a free mind and do not have to worry about a lot of thing. A hiking safari is not so different.

You need a lot of energy to climb to the top but also need you luggage when you reach the top. In this case sine you are sleeping in the wilderness, you will need a lot of luggage to create a home at the summit of the volcano.

As a way to create employment but also involve the community in the efforts of conservation.

The Virunga national park management came up with an initiative of having porters that can escort and also helps out the clients.

It is a win win situation a as the clients do not have to carry their heavy luggage but the locals are also making revenue.

It is important to note that there where inhabitant of this area before it was gazetted and so as a way of transforming the lives of the locals since their livelihood depended on the forest.

A porter will cost you about USD15 only but that will depend on the amount of luggage you have as each porter is only allowed to carry 15kgs.

So the more luggage the more porter you need but you should look at this a way of donating to the conservation effort of the national park.

As this prevents the locals from engaging in poaching and illegal hunting since they benefit from the existence of the park.

You are free to hire as many porters as possible since they will give you company and morale as you hike.

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