Virunga Conservation Area

8 Days DR Congo-Uganda

Safari overview

8 Days DR Congo-Uganda safari and tour is the epic of dream African safari. To many adventure travelers this is the best adventure safari, less body tiring and taking less time to accomplish. The safari explores a very diverse ecosystem from wetland, grassland, rainforests, flat plains, mountains and lakes. The travelers wander into the rift valley, traverse highlands, meander sharp gorges and get the authentic African wilderness experiences. The traveler double treks mountain gorillas in two different countries in different habitat setting.

Safari activities

DR Congo
  • Nyiragongo hike
  • Scenic viewing
  • Mountain gorilla trek
  • Boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi / Lake Mulehe
  • Mountain gorilla trek
  • Game viewing in Ishasha sector
  • Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel
  • Game viewing in Kasenyi circuit

Day 1; Arrival in Entebbe, travel to Kisoro town

The travel guide will be on wait as your plane touches down at Entebbe International Airport early morning. You will share a cup of coffee and shortly begin long road travel southwest of Uganda. The travel takes you from north to south hemisphere, traverses water vegetation, rainforests and through the savannas. You will ascend the Kigezi highlands in the afternoon and check into your hotel in Kisoro town at sunset.

Day 2; Travel to Virunga, Nyiragongo hiking

Rise up at first light and after a cup of coffee set out to Bunagana border post for travel clearance. Virunga National Park is 2-hours drive away on dirt road and be sure to assemble at Kibati post by 8.30am. The park rangers will welcome you, brief hikers about the Nyiragongo hiking regulations and shortly lead hikers into the wilderness. The 4-5hour is full of wonderful events and wilderness discoveries. At the summit, the hikers have magical views of the burning furnace from the lava lake and the beautiful larger Virunga National Park lowlands in the backgrounds.

Day 3; Descend Nyiragongo

Rising up early morning merits the hikers an opportunity to observe a balanced mix of bright colors at sunrise. You set out on a slow descent on the steep sides of Nyiragongo volcanoes and reunite with your travel guide. Relax at your hotel rest of the day and enjoy the luxuries at your safari camp.

Day 4; Mountain gorilla trekking

Rise up at cockcrow and take breakfast. You will set out for Mountain gorilla trekking assembly post at Bukima. The rangers will orientate gorilla trekkers about the gorilla trekking regulations. Then the gorilla trekking entourage is lead into the rainforests. Explore and make maximum advantage of adventuring the legendary Congo jungles. The gorilla trekking team will traverse all corners and soon discover the gorilla feeding corners. Observe, interact with and capture amazing pictures of Mountain gorillas. Shortly, the gorilla trekking team descends out of the rainforest and reunites with the travel guide. You will travel to your new accommodation in Uganda on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi / Lake Mulehe.

Day 5; Boat cruise, travel to Bwindi Impenetrable

Enjoy your morning sleep. Shake off all travel fatigue. You will take an exciting boat cruise and explore the indigenous Uganda lifestyle on the lake. You will travel to a safari camp close to the Mountain gorilla family you booked to trek in the next morning. Make final arrangements for gorilla trekking expedition in Uganda.

Day 6; Mountain gorilla trekking, travel to Queen Elizabeth

The travel guide will escort you Uganda gorilla trekking assembly point after early breakfast. Often a dancing group from indigenous community entertains the gorilla trekking visitors raising the gorilla trekking adrenalin to maximum levels. The team of rangers briefs the gorilla trekkers about gorilla trekking experiences and regulations. Shortly, the gorilla trekking expedition into Uganda gets in motion. The gorilla trekking teams explore the Bwindi jungles, traverse the valleys and rough terrain and soon discover the gorillas feeding in hidden corners. Take an hour to observe, interact with, take pictures and compare the gorilla trekking experiences in Uganda with Virunga National Park. Shortly, you reunite with your travel guide and set out on travel to Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park north of the Bwindi Impenetrable. Queen Elizabeth is amazingly different from the rest of the places you have been to. It is an absolute gem of beautiful flat plain with lush grassland vegetation spreading beyond eyes can see. Large herds of mammals majestically graze by the roadsides, mothers tend to their infants and large swarms of birds flock from corner to corner. Queen Elizabeth is any adventure traveler’s dream safari destination.

Day 7; Game drive, boat cruise

Take breakfast sunrise and set out for the wilderness on the lookout for beautiful sightings. Resident wildlife species in Ishasha sector are; elephants, buffalos, hippopotamuses, waterbucks, topis, Uganda kobs, warthogs, leopards, colorful bird species. However, the attraction that seems to capture most travelers’ attention is the prides of lions that climb and hang out in fig trees. You will travel to Mweya peninsular for an exciting boat cruise on the Kazinga channel and sign off the adventures of the day with a sunset game drive en route to your new hotel.

Day 8; Game drive, departure

Rise up before sunlight, take hot cup of coffee and check out of hotel. You descend into the wilderness of the Albertine rift, traverse the grasslands and wander into the Kasenyi game circuit encountering different wildlife species all along. Lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, hippos, hyenas, waterbucks, warthogs and others mammal species are residents here. Queen Elizabeth is an Important Birding Area and a dream destination for birding safaris. You will set out on travel to Kampala city after a brief game viewing drive. You will arrive in Kampala in the afternoon and proceed to Entebbe International Airport for onward flight travel.

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