Best time to hike, visit Mount Nyiragongo

Best time to hike, visit Mount Nyiragongo

Best time to hike, visit Mount Nyiragongo

Best time to hike, visit Mount Nyiragongo: Mountain Nyiragongo being an active volcano keeps everyone wondering on when is the best time to hike this mountain.

This being a volcanic mountain does not stop you from visiting this mountain and looking at the magnificent scenery that this mountain has to offer.

Like most of the destination, it is crucial that you find out about the destination: the dos and don’ts. This will help you plan a safari that will give you everlasting memories and value for you money.

The Nyiragongo area is warm and sunny throughout the year looking at it generally. The DRC is too big a country and each section of the country has different weather conditions. The key thing you have to know is that there is a wet and dry season.

The Nyiragongo volcano can be visited any time of the year but with something in mind that the weather is unpredictable and can change anytime.

There are months around the mountain that are a bit dry but you have to note that this mountain is located in the middle of a rain forest and it’s is possible to rain any time of the day and year.

Normally, March to May and November tend to be the rainy months. June to October and December are usually the dry months.

These dry months are best for those that fancy photography as they give a clear view due to the clear sky.  Hiking can be done any time of the year and its up to you to choose the best time you feel okay to travel.

The wet months are usually less crowded and if you are lucky and you have about three days without rain, then you are good to go which also very possible.

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