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Strangest Facts about Mount Nyiragongo

Strangest Facts about Mount Nyiragongo

Strangest Facts about Mount Nyiragongo: The Nyiragongo Volcano is located in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic republic of Congo and is one of the eight virunga volcanoes. It is the most active volcano in Africa and it last erupted in 2002. It is common for it special feature of volcanic activity more so for the most fluid lava that can move at about 97km/hr.

This volcano is full of wonders and it is good that you plan an adventure to DRC and have a see for yourself. Here are some of the interesting things you need to know about Mountain Nyiragongo.

It Has Erupted 34 Times

It is not certified of the number of times this mountain has erupted but since 1882 when records of it started, it has erupted about 34 times and there are always continuous eruptions with in the lava lake throughout the year.

2002 Eruption

In Jan 2002 this mountain erupted and just after six months it erupted again. The volcanic activity is still going on but now the activity is limited to the crater. There has been another crater that has been formed a few meters from the main one.

Carbon Dioxide Toxicity

Localized carbon dioxide toxicity, known locally as ‘mazuku’, has killed children even more recently. In locations where the gas seeps from the ground in relatively high levels, without the dispersing effects of wind, its effects can be deadly.

Lava Shot Down the Mountain at 60mph in 1977

In the early 1977, the lava lake walls were cracked and all the lava in the lake was drained in less than an hour. It flew down the slopes at about 97km/hr moving into the nearby villages and killing several people. Such eruptions that are hazardous to this extent are unique to the Nyiragongo Mountain.

Hard for Trekkers to Reach

Trekkers must overcome an elevation of over 11,400ft ( about 3.5km) to reach the summit and catch a glimpse of the amazing lava lake. This volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world with an average eruption span of about 30 years.

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