Wildlife Safaris in Virunga National Park Congo

Wildlife Safaris in Virunga National Park Congo:  Virunga National Park is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and you may be wondering why you would want to visit this region of Africa. Virunga National Park is one of Africa’s oldest national parks, having a rich and ecologically diverse terrain and a plethora of activities to discover. The greenery and rich animals and fauna that you may see on a birding tour in the Virunga plains are highlights of the area.

Congo’s Virunga National Park, formerly known as the Albert National Park, is located in a rain forest encompassing 7,800 square kilometers and 3,000 additional miles, bordering the Mount Rwenzori ranges and Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park in the north and the Virunga Mountains in the south. The national park is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s eastern region. Virunga was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 due to its vast diversity in environment, heritage, and eco system, making it one of the first protected sites.

Wildlife Safaris in Virunga National Park Congo
Virunga Gorillas

The Virunga National Park is maintained by a Congolese National Parks body known as the ICCN, institution Congolais pour la conservation de la nature, in collaboration with a partner known as the Virunga foundation, a UK-based organisation formerly known as Africa Conservation Fund. This park will undoubtedly provide you with the most real African safari experience.

There is plenty to see, including the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, chimps, animals in the Lulimbi sector, bird species, and plant life, as well as pristine nature paths to explore. The region is rich in culture, and you may be able to visit some of the communities for this experience, which is just what an African safari enthusiast would desire.

Congo’s Virunga National Park is famed for its mountain gorillas, but it also has various fauna to see, making it a one-stop visit. The wildlife that you may see on your wildlife safari in Virunga National Park is primarily spotted in the Lulimbi sector of the park, and this includes forest elephants that you may see on your treks through the forest, lions, buffaloes, antelope species such as kobs, Elands, and Okapis on a good day, and lions.

The Lulimbi area is bounded by Lake Edward, which is noted for having the biggest concentration of hippopotamus in Africa. While on the guided safari walk in the park, you may also see crocodiles and a variety of bird life, so bring a pair of binoculars.

How to Get To Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Air and boat transport are the most typical ways to get to the Virunga National Park. The Virunga National Park is located in Goma, making it accessible by both land and water, depending on your interests and origin.

If you prefer to travel by road, you can fly into Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport and drive 5 hours west on smooth and tarmacked roads, crossing into the Democratic Republic of the Congo via the Gisenyi-Goma border at the Grande barrier border, where the Virunga tourism office is strategically located. The movement from the Grande Barrier to the park is coordinated by tour companies or the Virunga National Park and is closely escorted by a convoy of Virunga security officials to safeguard the safety of visitors.

The Grande barrier border facility is also a 15-minute drive from Goma International Airport. Regardless of how badly the lava flow from Mount Nyiragongo‘s 2002 eruption impacted the Goma International airport, Ethiopian Airlines arrives there once a week on a regular basis. Return flights from Goma are normally available after 7 days, so if you just have a few days on safari, it is best to fly back to Kigali. Please be aware that you will require separate visas for these two nearby countries.

There is yet another land border on the Uganda-DR Congo side known as the Bunagana border, however it is not as active for trips heading to Virunga National Park, maybe the 2 day Jomba community safari package. The water option is only available to visitors arriving from the Bukavu/Kahuzi Biega national parks. For your Virunga safari, you may take a three-hour speed boat ride from Bukavu to Goma.

Wildlife Safaris in Virunga National Park Congo
Wildlife Safaris in Virunga National Park Congo

While in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, make sure to undertake mountain gorilla trekking by acquiring a gorilla permit for only $400 USD for foreign visitors and $200 USD in the low season.

Take a chimp habituation experience in the Mahura forest, a safari walk in the Lulimbi sector, a trek up Mount Nyiragongo with a group of 20 other people, or a soothing nature stroll in the park on the authentic and pristine environment. You may go through our safari packages and pick the best one for you, which we will then organise for you.

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