Goma Town, DRC

Goma Town, DRC

Goma Town, DRC

Goma Town, DRC : Goma  is located in on the boarder or Rwanda and the DRC-Africa’s largest country. It is in the Eastern Part of the DRC. On the other side of Rwanda is Gishenyi.  Goma can be considered the capital of Northern Kivu province in the DRC

This town is about 20kms from the Nyiragongo Mountain-The most active volcano in Africa and home to the world’s largest Caldera. Over 400,000 people have been evacuated in the past to Rwanda over eruption here. The volcano has fluid lava which can reach the town in just 10mins. In 2002 the Goma airstrip run way was also covered and it was hard to evacuated people by air.

Even up to today, there is still big piles of lava in and around the town of Goma and most people have resorted to utilizing then as building material.

This is the center for people to and from Virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo.

Most of the major airport in the democratic republic of Congo is far from most of the tourist attractions most people will opt to use the Kigali Airport and either come by road which is about 3 hours or charter a flight to Goma.

You will see a lot of NGO offices in this town and as well as military. With the history DRC has, there are a lot of military patrols and this is for your good. Some of the Military officers will belong to the UN and are in full combat most of the time.

If you are organizing a safari to Virunga or Nyiragongo, you can have a day or two in the town of Goma and get a chance to interact with the people and explore more about the cultures of the DRC and I trust this will be a big addition to your gorilla or lava lake experience.

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