Nyiragongo Tour Operators

Nyiragongo Tour Operators

Nyiragongo Tour Operators: Want to book a trip to Congo or to hike mountain Nyiragongo? Below are some of the highly reputable safari companies who can plan for you a memorable visit. The Congo tour and travel operators offer very price sensitive tour packages. The are affordable but offer excellent safari arrangements.

Reputable Nyiragongo Tour Operators

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904
Email: info@ugandasafaristours.com
Website: http://www.ugandasafaristours.com

Focus East Africa Tours

Tel: +255-764-687-041
Email: info@focuseastafricatours.com
Website: http://www.focuseastafricatours.com

Explore Rwanda Tours

Tel: +250-780-870-670
Email: info@explorerwandatours.com
Website: http://explorerwandatours.com

How to Choose the best Congo Tour Operator

Below are some of the factors that can help you choose a reputable Congo tours and travel company that will plan you a remarkable visit to Mount Nyiragongo in Goma.

Consider your budget, and what it gets you

As you are well aware a safari to DRC can offer you a great experience with whatever budget you have, from budget clients to luxury.

It is always okay even if you choose a cheap option because at time it may even offer a more enjoyable experience, although you have to know what it come with like at times you may be required cook your own meals.

On the other end of the scale are ultra-luxurious experiences with an emphasis on pampering – pure bliss, but costs accordingly!

Whatever budget you choose to go with be sure to clarify what included in your tour. At times the tours that look cheap do not include all we need for the safari.

Well-known company or boutique operator?

There are lots of tour companies that operate with in Nyiragongo and there are pros and cons. Some have tours to Nyiragongo but are based in the nearby countries of Uganda and Rwanda.

The companies in Europe and USA have good marketing budget and usually entice a lot of travellers, they are so organized that it reduces on the hustles of the travellers but in most cases these do not offer memorable experiences compared to the local operators although some actually connect you to good local operators.

Finding a smaller operator can offer a more unique experience, especially if you are looking to learn about the local culture and ensure your dollar stays in the community.

Be careful to research about your operator, whoever you choose, to ensure they are legitmate even if they operate from Uganda or Rwanda.


This is the most important things and most operators care about their reputation because it is what sells them. It is important more so if you consider travelling with a smaller company that you look at its reputation to avoid being scammed (although this has not been common)

Reliability is one on the things and you can engage them in a lot of questions and the time of response can also tell you something about a company and how they do their things.

Try checking on their reviews on most of the travel directories like tripadvisor and safaribookings. They do not have to be all on.

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