5 Days Mount Nyiragongo & Karisimbi Hike

2 Days Nyiragongo Hiking Safari

2 Days Nyiragongo Hiking Safari: This two-day Mount Nyiragongo hiking tour brings you to Africa’s oldest national park to see a boiling lava lake. The Nyiragongo volcano stands 3,470 meters tall and is one of the few mountains in the world with molten lava at its top. Mount Nyiragongo’s lava is unique in that it contains little silica, allowing it to flow quicker than lava from other volcanoes across the world. Its lava flow is likened to Mount Hawaii’s, which moves at 100 kilometers per hour.

The mountain has erupted 32 times since 1882. The most recent eruption took place in 2002. The lava poured up to Lake Kivu in about 10 minutes, killing lives and property in Goma. The mountain has remained stable for a long time, with no significant eruptions, making it ideal for tourists. Furthermore, a team of foreign and local experts keeps an eye on the peak for any odd behavior.

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo is one of the two most popular activities in Virunga National Park, along with gorilla trekking. Every year, hundreds of visitors go to the volcano, enticed by the prospect of seeing the glistening red-hot lava at the peak. As one climbs to the summit, one can see the other Virunga volcanoes (Mikeno, Karisimbi, Bisoke, Gahinga, Muhabura, and Sabyinyo), Lake Kivu, Goma, and national parks in the backdrop (Virunga, Volcanoes and Kahuzi Biega). Along the mountain’s slopes, you may also see monkeys, birds, and bushbucks.

Mount Nyiragongo is a two-day hike. It takes around 5 hours to reach the peak and about 4 hours to return. Hikers must plan to spend the night at Nyiragongo’s peak since darkness provides the most spectacular and stunning view of the lava lake. Even Goma inhabitants are taken aback by the sight of the red magma lighting up the entire sky at night.

This tour simply entails ascending the mountain, however, it may be combined with gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park for one of Africa’s most unforgettable experiences. More days are necessary when paired with gorilla trekking in Virunga, however, you can also check out our 2-day Congo gorilla trip package. The two-day Mount Nyiragongo hike begins in Goma, Congo, or Gisenyi, Rwanda.

The Virunga National Park in Congo offers guests cabins on top of the volcano, as well as sleeping bags and food. Hiking shoes, a camera, a torch, a raincoat, plenty of drinking water, energy drinks, snacks, a sweater, a rain jacket, sanitizers, and bathing soap are all recommended.

Hiking at Nyiragongo Mountain is possible all year, although the ideal time to visit is during the dry season. The dry season lasts from December to early March, as well as from June to August. Upon entering the Congo-Rwanda border, all tourists will be forced to display their yellow fever vaccination card.

Physical fitness is required for a comfortable experience and to minimize the needless delaying of others. Trekking the Nyiragongo might be difficult for people who are not in good physical or mental form. The Nyiragongo challenge is not recommended for people who have significant ailments.

2 Days Nyiragongo Hiking Safari

Day 1: Pickup from Gisenyi/Goma and Transfer to Kibati Post- Ascend Nyiragongo Volcano

If you are traveling from Gisenyi in Rwanda, you must get up early and get to the Goma border crossing in order to pass migration in time. After crossing, you will be met by staff from the Virunga National Park for 2 day Nyiragongo volcano hike, who will transport you and other tourists to the Kibati starting site.

2 Days Nyiragongo Hiking Safari
Mount Nyiragongo Hike

If you are arriving from Goma, a driver will also meet you. The exercise begins with an introduction and briefing of the hiking team. If your personal bags or cameras are very heavy, employ a porter at the beginning site to assist you in carrying them.

While ascending Mount Nyiragongo, there are five sections. Nobody is left behind until the fourth section. This means you’ll have to wait for any slow hikers to catch up with you. The first portion is home to the majority of the fauna (birds, reptiles, monkeys, pigs, and bushbucks). Ascending to the second level reveals less foliage but greater views of the horizon. The third section is distinguished by tiny volcanic rocks and other remnants of previous eruptions. If you do not have robust hiking boots, you will have a difficult time navigating these volcanic rocks.

The mountain grows steeper and more difficult to trek in the last stages. Stronger hikers are permitted to go forward after finishing the fourth stretch, leaving those who need to rest for two days. Before making the last push, Mount Nyiragongo Hikers catch their breath. As you reach the fourth part, the peak is only a few meters away, and there is no way back. The fifth portion is quite steep and lasts only a short distance before reaching the peak. As you reach the peak, you may either proceed directly to the lava lake or sit and admire the lovely panorama below while waiting for everyone else to finish the trek, 2 Days Nyiragongo Hiking Safari

The ideal time to see the lava lake and snap photographs is at night. This is the point at which the entire lava lake becomes much more translucent and dazzling. You will return to your accommodations for the night after viewing the wonderful vistas of boiling lava.

Day 2: Descend Nyiragongo Mountain and Departure

Following a night of camping beside one of the world’s most magnificent features, you’ll wake up before sunrise, eat breakfast, and begin your descent down the volcano. The sky is clear in the morning, and it is a 2-day climbing Mount Nyiragongo chance to take in the wonderful scenery on the horizon. This includes the other seven Virunga volcanoes as well as the four gorilla parks (Virunga in Congo, Kahuzi Biega in Congo, Mgahinga in Uganda, and Volcanoes in Rwanda). Then there’s Lake Kivu, the Rwenzori Mountains, and Goma.

The descent is less difficult and may be completed in 3 hours. A Virunga Foundation driver will transport you to Goma or the Rwanda-Congo border crossing. Based on your travel arrangements, our business Guide will be ready to drive you to Kigali from the Rwanda side of the border.

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