When will Mount Nyiragongo Reopen?

When will Mount Nyiragongo Reopen: While many travelers are looking forward to hiking Mount Nyiragongo, there is no clear information on when it will reopen to visitors.

Mount Nyiragongo is located in Virunga National Park, and a Congo visa must be obtained at least 7 days in advance. Internationally, Congo is known as a no-go zone, but the fact is that Congo is incredibly secure for travelers! If any security concerns emerged, the Virunga National Park would be closed, and they would never allow you to cross the border into Democratic Republic of Congo. Above all, the safety of tourists comes first.

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo isn’t as difficult as it appears. Hiking Mount Nyiragongo, apart from the bits of uneven boulders from previous eruptions that make trekking a little tough as you step the ground, Nyiragongo is achievable even for mediocre fitness.

When will Mount Nyiragongo Reopen?
When will Mount Nyiragongo Reopen?

It is fairly possible to trek up and down the Nyiragongo volcano in a single day. The two-day trip is more enjoyable since you can observe the boiling magma from the domain of the lava lake at night, when it becomes light without being obscured by heavy smoke. During the night, simple cottages with mattresses are offered.

Why you will love hiking Mount Nyiragongo in Congo?

Nyiragongo is an active volcano where travellers may see a never-ending stream of boiling bubbling lava. The Nyiragongo Lava lake experience is one-of-a-kind, and it is a wonderful mystery. You may sit at the crater’s edge and watch the magma orange burn away; better to observe after the sun has set so you can see the magma clearly.

Cost of Nyiragongo Mountain in Congo.

Climbing the Nyiragongo volcano costs $356, which covers accommodation at the summit but excludes other aspects that must be scheduled separately, such as guide fees, porters, hiking gear, transportation from the border to the park, and meals, Nyiragongo backpack ($100) and the DRC visa costs $100.

What activity can you combine with a hike to Mount Nyiragongo?

When exploring Nyiragongo, one may also go gorilla tracking at Virunga National Park. Visitors who want to see gorillas in the jungle can visit the park. Virunga National Park now has 6 habituated gorilla groups open to tourists and has 48 gorilla permits available daily. Congo’s gorilla permits cost USD 400, which is significantly less than Rwanda’s $1500 and Uganda’s $700.

What to pack when planning a hike to Mount Nyiragongo in Congo?

If you are visiting on your own, you may rent hiking equipment from Virunga authorities, but if you arrange your journey with a local tour operator, they will take care of everything.

All year round, you must bring strong hiking boots, rain gear, comfortable hiking pants, warm garments, layers of socks, gloves, cap, scarf, headlamp for the night, snacks and energy food and snack, enough water, long underwear, and a sweater for the night since it may be quite chilly at night.

Hire a porter for $25 at the Kibati patrol station to carry your luggage up and down the volcano. You will require energy for the hike.

Is it Safe to hike Mount Nyiragongo in Congo?

This is a must-ask question for everyone visiting Nyiragongo volcano. To begin, following the previous Nyiragongo volcanic eruption, a seismologic observatory in Goma was established to monitor both Nyiragongo and its sister volcano, Nyamuragira.

Yes, this cannot ensure your safety at the Volcano, which is why you should stick with your party, which usually consists of porters and park armed guards. Currently, travelling through Congo is quite safe; on your hike, you are accompanied by 2 to 3 armed guards, and you feel very comfortable.

When will Mount Nyiragongo Reopen?
Mount Nyiragongo

How to Get to Mount Nyiragongo in Congo?

To access Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, visitors must travel to Virunga National Park. Tourists arrive in Goma through Kigali, Rwanda, then drive to Gisenyi, the border town into Goma. A vehicle may be hired from Kigali for $80 – $180, and it can be cheaper in a group.

You must apply for a visa one day in advance, usually through your tour operator like Explore Rwanda Tours, who will email you visa documents to fill out and return.

Border crossing into Congo is simple, however if you are ascending Mount Nyiragongo on the same day you pass, you must come early to avoid being detained in the crossing queue. During the day, it becomes quite congested as trucks and buses pass by.

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