5 days Nyiragongo hike and gorilla trek

5 Days Congo GORILLA Trek-Nyiragongo Hike

5 Days Congo Gorilla Trek-Nyiragongo Hike /Safari overview

5 Days Congo gorilla trek-Nyiragongo Hike safari into DR Congo is full of adventure from day one. The travelers on tour into DR Congo on this safari have an opportunity to explore the countryside lifestyle in two countries; Rwanda and DR Congo that are very different. Very few people in the world have such experiences of volcanic eruption, majority in hazardous way. The tour into DR Congo and Nyiragongo hike bring travelers life experiences of observing volcanic eruption in a safe way. How about penetrating the legendary Congo jungles and walking in the footprints of Mountain gorillas! The 5 Days Congo Gorilla Trek-Nyiragongo Hike safari into DR Congo and tour of Rwanda serve these rare life experiences on the menu.

Safari Activities

  • Hike Nyiragongo volcano
  • Mountain gorilla trekking
  • Boat cruise on Lake Kivu

Day 1: Arrival in Kigali, travel to Virunga National Park

Your safari guide to the 5 Days Congo Gorilla Trek-Nyiragongo Hike  will pick you up from Kigali International Airport upon your arrival. The gorilla trekking safari starts with a brief Kigali City tour en route to the restaurant for a welcoming cup of coffee/ lunch. Thereafter you begin 2-hour road travel north-west of Rwanda arriving to Gisenyi lakeside town. Optional to spend a night here if you arrive late in afternoon or travel onto Virunga National Park 3-hours drive on into DR Congo.

Day 2: Hike Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

Set out early and be present at assembly point at Kibati Park offices by 9:00am in time for briefing and orientation. The rangers lead the hiking entourage and begin ascending into the highlands. You will traverse the indigenous communities and explore the lush vegetation around the volcanic mountain. The 4-5 hike soon lands you at the summit of Nyiragongo Volcanic Mountains with magnificent views of the boiling lava lake and the beautiful sceneries of the lowlands. The entire settings look magical with beautiful colors illuminating in the skies on the onset of night darkness. Dinner and overnight at Nyiragongo Summit cabins

Day 3: Descend the Nyiragongo

Be up early morning to capture once in a lifetime beautiful images of the sunrise. The descent from the summit begins shortly after breakfast. With excitement and in high spirits, you will wander into the montane vegetation and slowly descend the slippery lava rocks. You will arrive at your hotel before noon and live your African safari dreams.

Day 4: Mountain gorilla trekking

Another opportunity to get more personal with nature and wildlife is on hand. Travel to Bukima assembly point in time for registration, briefing and general Mountain gorilla trekking procedures. Shortly, ranger escorts ascend you into the thick vegetation and you wander in the wilderness. Pay caution to Mountain gorilla trekking regulations to get maximum satisfaction from gorilla trekking experiences. You will travel in and explore the rainforest taking special attention to fresh signs of gorillas’ presence, once-in-a-while interacting with other wildlife species. The gorilla trek expedition nears climax when you discover the gorillas hidden feeding corners. You will spend maximum one hour and begin descending out of the rainforest. Travel to Gisenyi in time for an exciting boat cruise- optional.

Day 5: Return to Kigali

Relax and rejuvenate your body. You will explore the Lake Kivu briefly on a boat cruise- in case you missed it previous day and time of your departure flight. You will begin travel back to Kigali City and on to the airport in time for your departure flight.

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