7 Days Mountain +Lowland Gorilla Trek, Nyiragongo Hike Safari

Safari overview

This 7 Days Mountain + Lowland Gorilla Trek, Nyiragongo Hike Safari  into DR Congo starts in Uganda, in the East African region, explores the Victoria basin; traverse the Ankole plateaus, Kigezi highlands before ascending into the Virunga volcanic region. The travelers explore different land features that have different vegetation cover and climatic zones. The travelers get DR Congo safari experiences of the highlands while hiking the Nyiragongo in the Virunga National Park as well as lowlands while trekking the lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Safari activities

  •  Nyiragongo hike
  •  Scenic viewing
  •  Mountain gorilla trekking
  •  Lowland gorilla trekking

Days 1: Arrival in Entebbe, travel to Kabale town

The safari guide will pick you up on arrival at Entebbe International Airport and begin the long road travel south-west of Uganda. You will wander through the Lake Victoria basin and the beautiful Ankole plateaus, the journey traverses from north to south hemisphere. You will ascend the Kigezi highlands in the evening and shortly enter into the Virunga massif, the Mountain gorilla trekking range for the night.

Day 2; Hike the Nyiragongo

The road travel to Kibati park offices in DR Congo is about an hour drive away on dirt road. Prepare to clear with Bunagana border immigration offices and be in time for the 9:00am registration, briefing and orientation. The 4-5 hour Nyiragongo hiking expedition to the summit then starts. Take it slow and resilient, explore and discover the beautiful world that a very small number of people have explored before you. The summit is unique and unrivaled in its own way. The lava lake is boiling so close, the views of the lowlands are more beautiful than the dreams and the feeling of achieving the dreams on the Nyiragongo summit gives travelers a high sense of satisfaction. Yet the real adventure awaits the darkness of the night when the entire settings is set on fire by the rainbow of colors from the burning lava lake.

Day 3: Descend Nyiragongo  

Wake up with the first light of the day in time for the shimmering sunrise, the only one of its kind. The descent to the lowlands begins shortly after breakfast. Leave behind your dreams and footmarks. Carry with you exciting moments of reality and long stories to share with the rest of the world. You will wander into the vegetation, explore and discover less trampled tranquility. Relax at the safari lodge and let the strange feelings of conquering the Nyiragongo Volcanic mountain sink in.

Day 4: Trek Mountain gorillas

This is another day to wander into, explore the wilderness, and discover the hidden gems of Virunga National Park. Start the day with an early breakfast and be assembled at Bukima Ranger post with lunch boxes and the Mountain gorilla trekking gear. The safari guide will help you with all formalities in registration and gorilla trekking regulations. The Mountain gorilla trekking expedition into the Congo rainforests sets out shortly. The team will wander into the wilderness following trails of the fresh gorilla footmarks. This is the opportunity to explore the wilderness and learn many things about the wilderness. The team will spend an hour close to the gorilla family. Observe, take photos and live strange feelings of visiting the mountain gorilla territory. The team then descends out of the rainforest back to the safari lodge.

Day 5: Travel to Kahuzi Biega National Park

Set out after breakfast for travel to Kahuzi Biega National Park. Options; A speedboat from Goma to Bukavu lakeside town is fast, fun and travelers explore Lake Kivu. Road travel through Rwanda is long but gives better life African experiences. You will check into your hotel in the lakeside town of Bukavu and get wonderful feelings of safari into DR Congo.

Day 6: Trek Lowland gorillas

Travel early morning to Kahuzi- Biega National Park an hour drive away. Assemble at the Tshivanga visitor centre in time for 8.00am registration, briefing and orientation. The lowland gorilla trekking expedition begins shortly.  A team of rangers descends you into the rainforest, explore the wilderness and get exciting feelings of interacting with nature. Traverse all corners on the lookout for fresh signs of gorilla’s presence. You will discover their feeding areas and spend an hour with them. Return to gorilla trekking starting point and begin travel to hotel in Kisoro town, Uganda freshen up and live your dreams.

Day 7: Departure

Take an early breakfast and set out on travel to Kampala City. You will descend the Kigezi highlands; explore the Ugandan countryside the last time en route to Kampala City. You will arrive in Kampala City in the afternoon and proceed to Entebbe International Airport for your departure flight.

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