Nyiragongo Summit Camping

Nyiragongo Summit Camping

Nyiragongo Summit Camping

Nyiragongo Summit Camping: The only option for accommodation at the summit of Nyiragongo in Virunga national Park is Camping. This is one of the greatest experiences of the Nyiragongo as you get to experience the raw adventure in its originality. It is the best spot for relaxation, freedom and meditation. The camping experience at Nyiragongo shelters will beat your expectations.

The summit rim is the largest stretch of Vegetation and is supplemented with snow. With this u can also peep into the world’s largest lava lake and see the reaction of hot gases and how molten rock erupts on a small scale.

The eruptions are continuous since 2002 and authorities are aware of them and so safe for the tourist.

Virunga national park is monitored by the geological society. There was a fear in 2016 that there was another eruption that was to take place due to the increased volcanic activity in the lava lake but, later the activity stabilized.

The park rangers lead all these treks as well as porters who are available for the hiring. More so the time that is required for reaching at the summit depends on the average fitness of each of the group and this takes 4 to 6 hours.

Just like most camping facilities, you may need to supply you own food, sleeping bag, water. There is no meal service at the summit.

Some lodges will pack for you. You can hire porters to help you with your language since you will be carrying lots of things.

The porter may cost about $12 per day and can only carry about 15kgs each.

Make sure to carry rain gear as it is possible for rains at any point of the trek. The rain showers are so common on the climb up especially during the rainy season.

It is important to know that Nyiragongo is home to the world’s largest lava lake. The lover slopes are highly forested due to the fertile volcanic soils. These forests are home to animals like the chimpanzees and the bush bucks.

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