Lulimbi Tented Camp

Lulimbi Tented Camp

Lulimbi Tented Camp

Lulimbi tented camp is the newest facility in the Virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo. It is located in the eastern part of the park in the Ishasha sector. This part of the park is mostly made up of the savanna plains.

The Lulimbi tented camp is made up of eight tents each self-contained with running water, a toilet and fully furnished. It is not so much of a camp but a tented luxury facility.The luxury private tents have the verandas facing the river where you can watch the hippos.

Activities available include walks to Lake Edward, game drives, community visits, elephant monitoring patrols, birding walks, fishing and boat trips.

The Lulimbi camp allows you to experience the rare southern sector of this park which is so virgin to tourist. You will witness this yourself, how this place is still green and fresh. The camp is isolated and this makes it ideal for your safari. It is the best addition to the already existing great facilities of the Virunga.

The position of the camp allows or makes it possible for you to see a lot of classic mammals and birds: elephants, buffalos, hippos, warthogs, topis, kobs and vultures

The area of the camp boosts of crocodiles on the shores of River Ishasha, the gorillas in the vicinity, chimpanzees and lots of bird species. This camp will give you more than just accommodation but an experience of a life time.

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